Vinedemia was a rural Roman vintage festival. One of the earliest visual representations of grape stomping was from Vindemia during the 3rd century of CE. Before machines, grape stomping was used as a method of masceration to crush the grapes and extract the juice so the fermentation process could begin.

Grape stomping has been outlawed in the U.S. since the end of the 20th century for health and sanitary reasons. Today, grape stomp festivities are held all over the world as a way to celebrate the LONG love of wine!

Our annual grape stomp is coming fast. Gather your friends, coworkers, family, workout buddies, or neighbors together to create a stomp team. Each person in your team receives a souvenir tee-shirt “signed” by grape-stained feet! Big feet, small feet, fast feet, slow feet– all are welcome to join in on the fun and celebrate the history of wine at Glacial Ridge Winery! See you at the Stomp– September 12th, 2015!